& Mind of Spring

Lasts, like this day, December 31 of the year, 2017, point me toward reflection and acknowledgment, so here I am with the intention to take stock of my year in poetry and to bow to those who joined and supported me.

This seems the time to announce the manifest arrival of Mind of Spring (b. October 16, 2017), the winner of the 2017 Vallum Chapbook Award.


Written across borders—both visible and invisible—between homelessness and home, estrangement and intimacy, lyric and language, Mind of Spring, a long poem, in three parts, contains what I call weirded aesthetics. To illustrate my meaning, here’s an excerpt:

“palo verde blossoms

speed no different
than snow’s

covering     making unknown       this ground

yellows           y y e l l o ws     ggaalore”

See those doubled consonants and vowels, the expanding spaces? I mean them as a hybrid of emphasis, mantra, stutter and… These are some of the ways the aesthetics in Mind of Spring are weird. May you read Mind of Spring and walk with me in a desert borderland, as I contemplate social, cultural, environmental, and personal mechanisms of war. Mind of Spring can be purchased in the online store at Vallum (click and see second book on list).

Mind of Spring is the second chapbook of mine published this year. At the announcement of its publication, a colleague called me “prolific.” I laughed. As if. This poem was composed in 2012; it took five years to see it to publication. I’ve been writing writing writing for a long while and with not always that much recognition in the form of publication, for the weirdnesses, such as Mind of Spring that I write, and so I am super super grateful to Vallum and the hard-working, thoughtful Eleni Zisimatos and Leigh Kotsilidis for selecting Mind of Spring for the Chapbook Award and for seeing it to publication. Such confidence and enthusiasm for my work sures my foundation.


If Vallum sures my creative foundation, then the land on which that foundation stands is Finishing Line Press (FLP), publisher of Landscape of The Wait. The marvelous, artist-friendly team, lead by Leah Maines and Christen Kincaid are beyond-the-call, generous poetry mothers! Like I hold just-out-of-the-box Landscape of The Wait above, I feel held and supported by and ever grateful to FLP, Leah, and Christen for their confidence in my work. Read more about Landscape of The Wait and purchase it by clicking here: Finishing Line Press.

Poetry books take a village: editors, endorsers, readers, reading series, audiences… Behold the beloved villagers of Mind of Spring and Landscape of The Wait!

Beloved endorsersLandscape of The Wait and I bow to you, bow to you, bow to you : Kazim Ali, Rusty Morrison, and Forrest Gander; Mind of Spring and I bow to you, bow to you Annie Guthrie and Erica Mena-Landry.

Beloved readers: (some of whom show their beautiful faces with Landscape of The Wait) Martin, Henry, Birgit, John, Barbara, Louise, Penelope, Theresa, Carol, Ann, Helga, Linda, Andrew, Moss et alia thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting my books by buying and reading them. You know THE way to make a poet happy!

Beloved readers: (some of whom welcomed Landscape of The Wait into their home, artistic, and travel landscapes) from Florence, Italy to Tucson, Arizona to Galiano Island, British Columbia to Prague, Czech Republic to a New York City bookcase (Sean Singer’s) to Minneapolis, Minnesota to Montreal, Quebec to Vancouver, Washington to Toronto, Ontario (with scotch!) to Sudbury, Massachusetts, and beyond…. Thank you, thank you for bringing my words into your landscapes. You make a poet happy!

Beloved reading series and organizers: (who hosted me, allowing me space to offer my words) Thank you, thank you, thank you Vancouver Writers Fest, SFU Lunch Poems, The Paper Hound, Gatsby Books, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly, Pandora’s Collective, Dominion Reading Series, Word Vancouver, Dead Poets Reading Series, and the mover-shakers, who helped make the readings happen, especially, Jill McCabe Johnson, Bonnie Nish, Candie Tanaka, Kim Koch, Leigh Kotsilidis, Sean Moor, Rachel Rose, Renee Saklikar, Karen Green et alia and the beloved audiences who listened. How happy and grateful I am for your generosity.

And, thank you, thank you, thank you to interviewers, Jay Ritchie and Cason Sharpe;  reviewers Cristina Tranpani-Scott, Andrea Walker, Jeff Santosuosso, and Panoply, and to those who offered their reading responses: Joe Ezzo, Don Gray, Elizabeth Frank, Virginia Chase Sutton, Andrew Felmar, Jane Antanucci, et alia. Happy, happy you have made a poet.

Such glorious abundances of love-opportunities all of the above mentioned and visible  have bestowed on me! And, to those invisible and unmentioned, also, you, my dearests, have been everything love as these books and I come into the foreground of poetry. Thank you one and all for these glory days of poetry sharing.



Landscape of The Wait

Landscape of The Wait arises in landscapes near and far; thanks to the book’s beloved, generous readers, who have welcomed the poems into their home landscapes and who have documented the book’s presence where they are then bestowed the pictorial gift-evidence on me, proving the best way to make a poet happy: buy and read her book! A metered, million thank yous in every language: Merci Beaucoup! Danke! Thank you! to you, my beloved readers.






Landscape of The Wait

There are many arisings related to the “after” of publishing a book that surprise me.

One is “having” readers. I’m not sure if I fully felt into and thought about what “having” readers means to a poet–to me.

What I’m realizing, as people write to me, sharing their responses to the book and/or sending photos of the book in the landscape of their hands, is that “having” readers is conversation is community is love is inspiring is joyful is everything…

Behold! Here are some beloved readers of Landscape of The Wait!


Landscape of The Wait

Beloved supporters of and endorsement-writers for Landscape of The Wait–

Forrest Gander


How to write of emergency. Of trauma. Of a boy in a coma surrounded by those who care. Who care to find him. Jami Macarty, the poet among them, writes her way toward him with a scorching, visceral language. Her poems try to make contact from every direction and so the poems are heterogeneous, their myriad structures probing. The unsettled grammatical connections, the caesuras rehearsing loss, the vowels howling in rhyme from either side of the gap, the skips in the language— into into into— enact all the energies of living in that extended moment of suspension when we simply don’t know what happens next.

-Forrest Gander, author of Core Samples from the World & The Trace


Kazim Ali


From the trauma of ruin, Jami Macarty tries to make sense. The more delicate and beautiful these lyrics are the keener we feel the double-edged blessing and wound of living in a human form. The quiet vigil beside the body of the comatose nephew finds its analogy in the writer and reader desperately attending the language of the poem in deep hope of finding some comfort there.

-Kazim Ali, author of Bright Felon & Sky Ward

Landscape of The Wait

Pre-order Landscape of The Wait, my poetry chapbook!

Your preorder will provide multi-layers of support to:

  • a poet (me)
  • art (poetry)
  • Finishing Line Press, a small press, doing good, necessary work to spread poetry love
 Plus, your preorder will:
  • help determine the print run of my book
  • make you a special partner in this endeavor!
Landscape of The Wait is a personal book about William, my 19-year-old nephew, my family, and the year after William was in a car accident, which he–and to some extent, we–spent comatose.
That the poems, with the support of Finishing Line Press–and you (!)–are poised to find readers means everything.
With a full heart, I’m humbled and excited to share the book with you!
Receive grateful bows from me and loving blessings from the Poetry Gods, pre-order Landscape of The Wait.