Hello Writer!

I offer editing services for individual poems, stories, memoirs, blogs, etc. as well as short (chapbook, grant applications, etc.) and full-length manuscripts (poetry, fiction, scholarly, etc.).

I also advise, edit, and curate the Views series at The Maynard, an online poetry journal I co-founded with Nicholas Hauck. You’re invited to read a short interview about submitting your work for publication.

Through my editing services, I strive to assist your writing to express its creative and communicative intentions to the fullest extent all the while I’m teaching you how to be a careful reader and editor of your own work.

What’s in your folders and notebooks?

Author Testimonials:

This book would not have been possible without the loving attention, expert guidance, and developmental editing of Jami Macarty. Her understanding with the subject matter and her command of the English language added depth and elegance to my writing. Blessings to you Jami, for your help and support, and for going beyond the call of duty.  

-Richard Miller, PhD, author of The iRest Program for Healing PTSD


I have a friend, who would like your information.  I told her you’re a damn smart reader and what an excellent job you do in reading/editing/suggesting, and she would like your info.

-Cristina D. Ramirez, PhD, author of Occupying Our Space–The Mestiza Rhetorics of Mexican Women Journalists and Activists, 1875–1942


Jami is an insightful and incisive editor. She took my manuscript and brought her astute eyes and ears to the words and the meaning beneath the words.  She asks bold and difficult questions, and opens up the space for you to bring your best work forward.  I am thankful for her expertise and thorough edit into making words shine off the page.

-Celeste Snowber, PhD, author of Embodied Inquiry: Writing, Living and Being through the Body.