Here’s a sampling of my published work: poems, reviews, interviews, blogs… Thanks for reading me!

2017-Year of The Rooster

2016-Year of The Monkey

  • My poems appear in issues of Blood Orange Review, The Fiddlehead, Grain, Prism international, Rabbit Catastrophe Review, SITUATE Magazine, and Vallum: Contemporary Poetry
  • Vallum Poem-of-the-Week 
  • Featured on Drunken Boat blog–VINTAGE DB 81
    • Here’s what the lovelies at DB had to say about the poem: “If you’re looking for some evocative prose poetry, you’ve come to the right place. This week’s Vintage DB is a stellar work that brings together unique imagery and creative literary devices in the form of a poem by writer Jami Macarty titled, Monsoon Desert.” Originally published in DB 10, (spring 2009), here’s the prose poem’s first sentence: We are what we feel and every day we fear the sun.
  • Birth of: Peerings & Hearings-Occasional Musings on Arts in the City of Glass, an every other month blog series on arts in Vancouver for Drunken Boat.
  • Guest on Wax Poetic radio show/ Vancouver Co-op Radio (CFRO 100.5FM)
  • Winner of the Real Good Poem Prize (a $2,000 purse–now, that’s good for poetry!)
    • Here’s the sweet something contest judge, Kiki Pterosino said about my winning darling, The Minuses : “This piece engages form in an elegant, yet powerful way; its seemingly simple structure of stacked lines, with a sonnet-like turn at line 5, actually moves much more swervingly across the tongue. There’s no assailing the beauty of light-bedecked phrases like, ‘the eye’s aerie,’ as the poem transitions from a contemplation of the heavens to the solid, somehow melancholy weight of an onion in the speaker’s hand. The poem begins in a kind of retrospective pastoral mode that recalls Wordsworth’s ‘Tintern Abbey,’ but whereas Wordsworth wants to re-animate his landscape with recalled emotion, the speaker of ‘The Minuses’ turns away from the ecstatic energy of a youthful solitude spent ‘high in the mountains’ in favor of acknowledging the self as ‘one half the equation’ in a troubled, yet essential relationship. This is, perhaps, the harder path, and I admire the poet’s exploration in this fine poem.” — Kiki Petrosino
  • Featured on Brick Books blog-celebration of Canadian poetry-Week 91
  • Finalist (1/6) in 2016 JMWW Claudia Emerson Poetry Chapbook Award
  • Featured in Vallum 2016 Year in Poetry, Part 1 (alphetical; scroll down)

2015-Year of The Goat/Sheep

  • Same Season, Dedication, Music 5:30, Slow With Substance, Reverse of Shadow in Poetry Pacific, February 2015
  • Grounded in Slant, Summer 2015
  • 1/12 poets accepted to Banff Centre Writing Studio (5 weeks to write!)

2014-Year of The Horse

  • Perception in Descant, Summer 2014
  • Chapbook Finalist (1/17) w/MIEL Books
  • Full-length mansucript a semifinalist with Elixir Press

2013-Year of The Snake

  • Finalist, full-length collection w/ Carolina Wren Press & Kore Press
  • This Equation, Grist 6 (Online Companion), Spring 2013
  • Self-IncompatibleQuiddity, Fall/Winter 2013
  • Street of BeggarsArc Poetry Magazine, Spring 2013
  • You Is to Door as I Is to DoorInterim, Spring 2013
  • 1st Dream Since & 2nd Dream SinceGrain, Spring 2013
  • DeclensionCV2, Spring 2013
  • All Measure of Content, So To Speak, Spring 2013

2012-Year of The Dragon

  • By Virtue of And,  Beloit Poetry Journal
  • Verse Daily, February 2012

2011-Year of The Rabbit

  • Finalist, full-length collection w/ Persea Books