My work has been supported by such arts agencies as British Columbia Arts Council and Arizona Commission on the Arts, by arts communities, such as Community of Writers and Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, as well as the gift of residency from Mabel Dodge Luhan House; by 2016-2020 Pushcart Prize nominations; by 12 finalist designations for my manuscript, The Minuses, including the Lexi Rudnitsky Award | Persea Books, the Lake Merritt Poetry Prize | Omnidawn Publishing, and The Hillary Gravendyk Prize | Inlandia Institute; by a finalist designation from Interim Test Site Poetry Series Prize for my just-completed second manuscript, The Long Now Conditions Permit; by tireless editors of American, Australian, British, and Canadian journals, where my poems appear or are forthcoming, including Arc Poetry Magazine, Beloit Poetry Journal, The Capilano Review, Interim, EVENT, The Journal, Otoliths, Orbis, The Rumpus, Vallum, and Volt—and, by you, most beloved community of readers and writers.

Here’s a sampling of my published work: books, chapbooks, poems, reviews (of & by), interviews (of & by), … Thanks for reading me!


Welcoming a year of what the tiger symbolizes: strength, power and prosperity…

Poetry (publications, awards, acknowledgments):

Full-length collection (my second)

The Long Now That Conditions Permit was a finalist (1/15) for the Interim Test Site Poetry Series Prize!

Individual Poems—literary journals/magazines:

Forthcoming (2022-2023!)

  • On Space & the Unworded | The Capilano Review
  • One poem | Cascadia Zen anthology
  • One poem | Redivider
  • One poem | Rumors Secrets & Lies anthology
  • Three poems | Puerto del Sol Spring 2023
  • One poem | Ocean State Review Spring 2023
  • One poem | Colorado Review 2023

Published (2022!)

Reviews & Interviews by:


Welcoming the new year… and what it brings in words…

Poetry (publications, awards, acknowledgments):

Full-length collection

Individual Poems—literary journals/magazines:


  • One poem | Interim
  • Two poems | Volt 26
  • One poem | Tinfish
  • A delving into “S for Space,” a hybrid poem-essay | The Capilano Review
    • 50th anniversary experimental glossary


Watch & Listen to My Readings & Presentations:

  • July 8Join me! for a reading w/poets Saddiq Dzukoji & Catherine Strisik on Zoom-worldwide!
    • LISTEN & WATCH (Passcode: m2eJp=C^) to the July 8 reading
  • March 20 POG Arts of Tucson reading w/ Jeanne Heuving

Readings & Presentations: Join me!

  • July 8: Reading w/poets Saddiq Dzukoji & Catherine Strisik on Zoom-worldwide!
  • March 20: Reading for POG Arts of Tucson reading w/ Jeanne Heuving

Reviews of:

Interviews of: an interview is a chance to practice the high art of conversation


Poetry (publications, awards, acknowledgments):

WHOO HOO! The Minuses won the 2020 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award in POETRY ARIZONA! A poet is happy!

Full-length collection:

  • The Minuses  (February 2020), a Mountain West Poetry Series title, published by the Center for Literary Publishing at Colorado State University, an imprint of University Press of Colorado.

Individual Poems—journals: 


Poems—literary journals/magazines:

  • Six poems: Ocean, Window, The Hollow, The Archeologist’s Wife, Listening, & On the Roof Under Sun’s Chandelier Alive and Together in Interim, Volume 36, Issue 5; Signs of Protest, Downtown Tucson, June 6, 2020, a found/assembled poem in Journal of the Plague Year (June 13, 2020); The Shelter in The Rumpus: ENOUGH column (May 5th, 2020); Endangered Species poem from The Minuses reprinted in Journal of the Plague Year (April 18, 2020); The Daughter in Dusie blog (March 31, 2020), curated by rob mclennan; Desert Distances, a poem from The Minuses reprinted in Susan Gillis’ blog Concrete & River (March 24, 2020); Memory Predator and Neighbors in EVENT 48/3; Leviathan in Orbis #190; Cultivated Aftermath of Posts and She-Civilian in Tiny Spoon #3.

Individual Essays—volumes/anthologies


  • Letter in Name of Country in Global Geneva

Watch & Listen to My Readings & Presentations:

  • WATCH & LISTEN to the December 13 Cultivating Voices Reading w/ Dayna Patterson & Page Starzinger
  • WATCH & LISTEN to the July 23 Walt Whitman Birthplace Assoc Reading w/ Susana Case & Dayna Patterson
  • WATCH & LISTEN to the July 15 Let’s Talk Books live conversation w/ Christina Chiu, Naomi Danis, Melanie Hamilton, & Thaddeaus Rutkowski
  • WATCH & LISTEN to the June 9 Western C.A.R.E.S.’s Poetry Hour
    • (use pw: 8Q.A!M.?)

Readings & Presentations:

  • December 13: Cultivating Voices w/Dayna Patterson & Page Starzinger
    • LISTEN to the reading here
  • July 23: Walt Whitman Birthplace Assoc Reading w/ Susana Case & Dayna Patterson
    • LISTEN to reading here
  • July 15: Let’s Talk Books hosted by Christina Chiu, an hour-long live conversation w/ Naomi Danis, Melanie Hamilton, & Thaddeaus Rutkowski
    • WATCH & LISTEN here.
  • June 9: Featured poet on Western C.A.R.E.S.’s Poetry Hour, 4-5pm PDT
    • WATCH & LISTEN here (use password: 8Q.A!M.?)
  • March 22: The Minuses Tucson Launch, online
  • March 15: Existential Philosopher, Spiritual Sage Panel Moderator / Tucson Festival of Books w/ Sherwin Bitsui, Gina Franco, & Major Jackson–CANCELLED due to Covid-19
  • Mar 6: The Minuses Book Signing / Center for Literary Publishing (booth 1430), AWP

Reviews of:

The Minuses

Interviews of:

an interview is a chance to practice the high art of conversation

Reviews by:


Poetry (publications, awards, acknowledgments):

Full-length collection:

  • The Minuses forthcoming (February 2020) in the Mountain / West Poetry Series, published by the Center for Literary Publishing at Colorado State University.

Individual Poems:                                                                                                                          journals: 



  • The Daughter in Dusie blog, curated by rob mclennan
  • Cultivated Aftermath of Posts & She-Civilian in Tiny Spoon
  • Letter in Name of Country in Global Geneva
  • The Shelter forthcoming in The Rumpus: ENOUGH column
  • Memory Predator & Neighbors forthcoming in EVENT

anthologies/ volumes: 

  • Digging for Heart, a chapter in Archaeologies of the Heart
  • Daughters of Earth from Instinctive Acts (Nomados Literary Publishers, 2018) forthcoming in The Resistance anthology (Coteau Books), editor, Sue Goyette.

Readings & Presentations 

  • Nov 24: The Capilano Review 39.3 launch, Artspeak Gallery, YVR
  • Nov 16: Artsmith | Kangaroo House, Orcas Island
  • Nov 14: Nomados 50th Book Party, People’s Co-Op Bookstore, YVR
  • Oct 4: The Poetry Gabriola Society, Gabriola Island
  • July 20: Tower of Babel | Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver

Reviews of: 

Reviews by: (for The Maynard Views Series)

  • Re- View #8: My Heart Is a Rose Manhattan (Talonbooks, 2019) by Nikki Reimer and Cage of Lit Glass (Autumn House Press, 2019) by Charles Kell
  • Short-form Shout Outs |The Maynard (Facebook), Tuesdays wkly, starting June
  • Re- View #7Fraying Edge of Sky (Codhill Press, 2018) by Danielle Hanson and SKY WRI TEI NGS (Coach House Books, 2018) by Nasser Hussain.


Readings & Presentations: In 2018, I offered readings in celebration of my three chapbooks: Instinctive Acts (Nomados Literary Publishers, 2018) Mind of Spring (Vallum Chapbook Series, 2017)and Landscape of The Wait (Finishing Line Press, 2017) and to celebrate my collaborations with Japanese poet Soramaru Takayama and also with Canadian poet Jacqueline Turner–

  • Nov 29, 7p for Nomados Literary Publishers at People’s Co-Op Bookstore
  • Oct 30, 6:30p for Pandora’s Collective‘s Poetic Pairings, a reading series celebrating collaboration, w/ “my” collaborator: Jacqueline Turner
  • Sept 30 at Word Vancouver and for The Maynard, I offered: A talk on The Advantages of Editing an Online Literary Journal; was MC for The Maynard 10th Anniversary Reading; Lead a free-write session
  • Jun 29, 6:30p – Dominion Reading Series, Vancouver, BC
  • Jun 20, 7:30p – Poets Corner Reading Series, Massy Books, Vancouver, BC
  • Jun 17, 12p – Sustenance anthology reading at Dude Chilling Park, Vancouver, BC
  • Jun 2, 1-3p – “Tower of Babel,” a performance poem in 15 voices written by Soramaru Takayama at Vancouver Art Gallery, BC
  • Mar 24, 7p – Casa Libre, Tucson, AZ
  • Jan 26, 7p – Phoenix Poetry Series, Phoenix, AZ

You’re cordially invited to listen to two of this year’s readings:

  • Listen to Dominion Reading Series #16, featuring work from all 3 chapbooks.
  • Listen to “Tower of Babel” collaborative reading.

Poetry (publications, awards, acknowledgments):

Individual Poems:                                                                                                                          journals: 

  • Family, in EVENT 46.3;
  • On the Roof & Blood Moon, in Contemporary Verse 2, 40.3;
  • Aground, a poem from Landscape of The Wait (Finishing Line Press, 2017), in The Paddock Review;
  • Featured Poet in Light: A Journal of Photography & Poetry No.8;
  • Six poems from A Body in Liberating Strife in Otoliths No. 51;
  • Looking Down From The Roof Is An Instinctive Act, a poem from Instinctive Acts (Nomados Literary Publishers, 2018) in descant No. 57, 2018.     


  • Daughters of Earth from Instinctive Acts (Nomados Literary Publishers, 2018) forthcoming in The Resistance anthology (Coteau Books), editor, Sue Goyette.


Reviews of: in this space there’s hoping for filling

Interviews of: an interview is a chance to practice the high art of conversation

Blog on Vancouver Arts & Community for Anomalous Press (2016-2018):           

Reviews by: (for The Maynard (TMViews Series (review-in-conversation w/TM staff )


Readings: In 2017, in celebration of the publication of my two chapbooks: Mind of Spring and Landscape of The Wait, I offered readings for:

  • Dec. 17, 3p – Gatsby Books, Long Beach, CA
  • Nov. 24, 7:30p – Librairie Drawn & Quarterly, Montreal, QC
  • Nov. 15, 12p – Lunch Poems, Simon Fraser University/Harbour Centre, Vancouver, BC
  • Nov. 5, 4:30p – The Paper Hound Bookshop, Vancouver, BC
  • Oct. 26, 7p – Twisted Poets/Pandora’s Collective, Vancouver, BC 
  • Oct. 22, 1:30p – Vancouver Writers Festival, Vancouver, BC 
  • Oct. 6, 7:30p – Dominion Reading Series #11, Vancouver, BC 
  • Sept. 24, 11:45am – Word Vancouver, Vancouver, BC        

You’re cordially invited to listen to two of the 2017 readings:   

Poetry (publications, awards, acknowledgments):

Individual Poems:   


  • President fellow you, a poem in the ERASE-TRANSFORM Poetry Project–finding poetry hidden in the inaugural speech 
  • Resuscitations, a prose poem in Minola Review issue 9.                                                    anthologies: 
  • Missing Women, forthcoming University of Regina Press’ anthology of poems responding to sexual assault
  • Hunger, a poem selected by Vancouver Poet Laureate, Rachel Rose for Sustenance–Writers from BC & Beyond


  • Mind of Spring: Winner 2017 Vallum Chapbook Award–(October, 2017) 
    • (Before winning the 2017 Vallum Chapbook Award, Mind of Spring was 1/5 finalists w/ Vallum and 1/14 (out of 250) finalists w/Anomalous Press.)       
  • Landscape of The Wait, a poetic response to my nephew William’s car accident and year-long coma (Finishing Line Press, June 2017)

Full-length Collection:         

  • Finalist (1/5) for 2017 Robert Kroetsch Award 
  • Semi-finalist w/ Octopus Books

Reviews of:         

  • Review of Landscape of The Wait by Cristina Trapani-Scott (on her blog)
  • Review of Landscape of The Wait at Panoply

Interviews of:     

Blog on Vancouver Arts & Community for Anomalous Press:     

Reviews by: The Maynard (TM) Views Series (review-in-conversation w/TM staff )


  • My poems appear in issues of Blood Orange Review, The Fiddlehead, Grain, Prism international, Rabbit Catastrophe Review, SITUATE Magazine, and Vallum: Contemporary Poetry
  • Vallum Poem-of-the-Week 
  • Featured on Drunken Boat blog–VINTAGE DB 81
    • Here’s what the lovelies at DB had to say about the poem: “If you’re looking for some evocative prose poetry, you’ve come to the right place. This week’s Vintage DB is a stellar work that brings together unique imagery and creative literary devices in the form of a poem by writer Jami Macarty titled, Monsoon Desert.” Originally published in DB 10, (spring 2009), here’s the prose poem’s first sentence: We are what we feel and every day we fear the sun.
  • Birth of: Peerings & Hearings-Occasional Musings on Arts in the City of Glass, an every other month blog series on arts in Vancouver for Drunken Boat.
  • Guest on Wax Poetic radio show/ Vancouver Co-op Radio (CFRO 100.5FM)
  • Winner of the Real Good Poem Prize (a $2,000 purse–now, that’s good for poetry!)
    • Here’s the sweet something contest judge, Kiki Pterosino said about my winning darling, The Minuses : “This piece engages form in an elegant, yet powerful way; its seemingly simple structure of stacked lines, with a sonnet-like turn at line 5, actually moves much more swervingly across the tongue. There’s no assailing the beauty of light-bedecked phrases like, ‘the eye’s aerie,’ as the poem transitions from a contemplation of the heavens to the solid, somehow melancholy weight of an onion in the speaker’s hand. The poem begins in a kind of retrospective pastoral mode that recalls Wordsworth’s ‘Tintern Abbey,’ but whereas Wordsworth wants to re-animate his landscape with recalled emotion, the speaker of ‘The Minuses’ turns away from the ecstatic energy of a youthful solitude spent ‘high in the mountains’ in favor of acknowledging the self as ‘one half the equation’ in a troubled, yet essential relationship. This is, perhaps, the harder path, and I admire the poet’s exploration in this fine poem.” — Kiki Petrosino
  • Featured on Brick Books blog-celebration of Canadian poetry-Week 91
  • Finalist (1/6) in 2016 JMWW Claudia Emerson Poetry Chapbook Award
  • Featured in Vallum 2016 Year in Poetry, Part 1 (alphetical; scroll down)


  • Dedication, Music 5:30, Slow With Substance, Reverse of Shadow in Poetry Pacific, February 2015
  • Grounded in Slant, Summer 2015
  • 1/12 poets accepted to Banff Centre Writing Studio (5 weeks to write!)


  • Perception in Descant, Summer 2014
  • Chapbook Finalist (1/17) w/MIEL Books
  • Full-length mansucript a semifinalist with Elixir Press


  • Finalist, full-length collection w/ Carolina Wren Press & Kore Press
  • This Equation, Grist 6 (Online Companion), Spring 2013
  • Self-IncompatibleQuiddity, Fall/Winter 2013
  • Street of BeggarsArc Poetry Magazine, Spring 2013
  • You Is to Door as I Is to DoorInterim, Spring 2013
  • 1st Dream Since & 2nd Dream SinceGrain, Spring 2013
  • DeclensionCV2, Spring 2013
  • All Measure of Content, So To Speak, Spring 2013


  • By Virtue of And,  Beloit Poetry Journal
  • Verse Daily, February 2012


  • Finalist, full-length collection w/ Persea Books