Landscape of The Wait

Landscape of The Wait arises in landscapes near and far; thanks to the book’s beloved, generous readers, who have welcomed the poems into their home landscapes and who have documented the book’s presence where they are then bestowed the pictorial gift-evidence on me, proving the best way to make a poet happy: buy and read her book! A metered, million thank yous in every language: Merci Beaucoup! Danke! Thank you! to you, my beloved readers.






Landscape of The Wait

There are many arisings related to the “after” of publishing a book that surprise me.

One is “having” readers. I’m not sure if I fully felt into and thought about what “having” readers means to a poet–to me.

What I’m realizing, as people write to me, sharing their responses to the book and/or sending photos of the book in the landscape of their hands, is that “having” readers is conversation is community is love is inspiring is joyful is everything…

Behold! Here are some beloved readers of Landscape of The Wait!


Landscape of The Wait

Beloved supporters of and endorsement-writers for Landscape of The Wait–

Forrest Gander


How to write of emergency. Of trauma. Of a boy in a coma surrounded by those who care. Who care to find him. Jami Macarty, the poet among them, writes her way toward him with a scorching, visceral language. Her poems try to make contact from every direction and so the poems are heterogeneous, their myriad structures probing. The unsettled grammatical connections, the caesuras rehearsing loss, the vowels howling in rhyme from either side of the gap, the skips in the language— into into into— enact all the energies of living in that extended moment of suspension when we simply don’t know what happens next.

-Forrest Gander, author of Core Samples from the World & The Trace


Kazim Ali


From the trauma of ruin, Jami Macarty tries to make sense. The more delicate and beautiful these lyrics are the keener we feel the double-edged blessing and wound of living in a human form. The quiet vigil beside the body of the comatose nephew finds its analogy in the writer and reader desperately attending the language of the poem in deep hope of finding some comfort there.

-Kazim Ali, author of Bright Felon & Sky Ward

Landscape of The Wait

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Landscape of The Wait is a personal book about William, my 19-year-old nephew, my family, and the year after William was in a car accident, which he–and to some extent, we–spent comatose.
That the poems, with the support of Finishing Line Press–and you (!)–are poised to find readers means everything.
With a full heart, I’m humbled and excited to share the book with you!
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