Landscape of The Wait

Pre-order Landscape of The Wait, my poetry chapbook!

Your preorder will provide multi-layers of support to:

  • a poet (me)
  • art (poetry)
  • Finishing Line Press, a small press, doing good, necessary work to spread poetry love
 Plus, your preorder will:
  • help determine the print run of my book
  • make you a special partner in this endeavor!
Landscape of The Wait is a personal book about William, my 19-year-old nephew, my family, and the year after William was in a car accident, which he–and to some extent, we–spent comatose.
That the poems, with the support of Finishing Line Press–and you (!)–are poised to find readers means everything.
With a full heart, I’m humbled and excited to share the book with you!
Receive grateful bows from me and loving blessings from the Poetry Gods, pre-order Landscape of The Wait.

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